On International Women’s Day, when domestic abuse campaigner and internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter harpist Hattie Webb releases her rousing new video for ‘Never Just Your Daughters’, Hattie has agreed to become our first Ambassador.  This song is written by Hattie, and Patrick Leonard (Madonna/Pink Floyd) about changing the narrative of violence against women and girls.  We salute how Hattie is raising awareness here. We are very proud to have the strong campaigner Hattie Webb as our first ever Ambassador. Hear the song and watch the film here.

YouTube: Hattie Webb - Never Just Your Daughters



Hattie has been working with families bereaved by fatal domestic abuse for four years and also provides help in AAFDA training. We acknowledge the great service she has given these families through our charity and are so pleased she has agreed to become our first Ambassador.


Listen to Hattie's new song here: Never Just Your Daughters (Audio version - loud)

Premier at 8am GMT 8 March. International Women’s Day.  

 Hattie performed in over 400 concerts with Leonard Cohen and toured with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  www.hattiewebbmusic.com

'Never Just Your Daughters’ is about Hattie's experiences of #metoo and is inspired by other survivors of violence.

In the week leading up to International Women’s Day Hattie has been holding online discussions every day with powerful and inspirational women in music on youtube/facebook/instagram live.  To listen and share how we can continue to collectively make changes in the music world and our communities.  Including with Markéta Irglová (‘Once’ film), Catherine Marks (Alanis Morrisette/St Vincent) Beth Nielson Chapman (Bonnie Raitt/Elton John) Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek/I’m With Her), The Whitmore Sisters (Steve Earle) Siân Darling (Paul Kelly) and sister Charley Webb (The Webb Sisters).

Other listening:

The first video release (Shakespeare’s Shores) from Hattie's new album ‘Wild Medicine’:  YouTube: Hattie Webb - Shakespeare’s Shores

‘If It Be Your Will’ in duo ‘The Webb Sisters’ with Leonard Cohen:  YouTube: Hattie Webb - If It Be Your Will

Contact details etc.

                    1. Advocacy After Fatal Abuse (AAFDA) is a centre of excellence for reviews after domestic homicide and for specialist peer support.  For more information, please visit:  aafda.org.uk
                    2. Hattie Webb is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter harpist. Please visit her website www.hattiewebbmusic.com/
                    3. For AAFDA media enquiries, please contact Frank Mullane on info@aafda.org.uk 07768 386922.
                    4. For enquiries to Hattie Webb, please contact Hattie Webb via her website: www.hattiewebbmusic.com/contact
                    5. Premier at 8am GMT 8 March. International Women’s Day. https://youtu.be/OVajEVbxaQ8

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