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In memory of Julia and Will Pemberton

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The advice and opinions on this website will develop over time reflecting the ongoing debate on effectiveness of different approaches to reviews.

Useful Police guide (May 2014) on sharing information when reviews and criminal proceedings coincide

Watch a 5 minute introduction to our approach to Domestic Homicide Reviews

AAFDA — a Centre of Excellence for Reviews into Domestic Homicides and for Specialist Peer Support

We help families get victims’ voices heard.

AAFDA was founded by Frank Mullane in memory of his sister Julia Pemberton and her son Will who were both killed by her partner.

We specialise in guiding families through Inquiries including Domestic Homicide Reviews and Mental Health Reviews, and we assist with and represent on Inquests, Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) inquiries and other reviews.

Help for

comforting hands

Using our personal experience and professional expertise, we support families who have lost a loved one through domestic abuse.

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Support for professionals

conference meeting

We offer training, information and advice to professionals involved in cases of fatal domestic abuse.

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